The Lay of the Land

The Profitable Ranch Master Class in a 3 Segment, nine- step online course to help you go from no land or livestock to a concrete action plan for your ranching enterprise.  And, to ensure your success, and help you accomplish this action plan in 90 days, you're connected with a Master Class Ranching Coach from the start.

First, you need to know the Lay of the Land ... that's the first of the 3 segments.

Outstanding in the Field

Case Studies, Interviews and White Papers will introduce you to those Outstanding in the Field.

Your ranching and marketing enterprise will become more clear after this second segment of the Master Class.

You'll develop the confidence and clarity you need to make it a reality and maximize your resources.

The Legacy of your Brand and Land

Begin with the end in mind.  How do you want your brand and land to live beyond you?

What will be your legacy?

This final segment will introduce your to the right way to begin, to protect you, your heirs, your assets, and your legacy.

Did you know ...

  • that you don't have to own land to ranch?
  • that you don't have to own livestock to ranch?
  • that there are innovative ways to create additional revenue on a ranch?

Many of our farmers and ranchers are retiring, and there are few to take the reins. Much of our farm and ranch land needs restoration.  Water supplies in many of our aquifers are at risk and we need to continue to focus on conservation.

We grew up on farms and ranches.  We know that unless you've inherited this way of life, it seems impossible to enter the field.

So, with the industry's leading research foundations, educational institutions and successful individual ranchers and consultants, we've researched innovative ways for you to be a successful rancher, live in the country, and have the life you've dreamed of.


Questionnaire to Determine Your Next Step

Contact us to request your questionnaire.  It will help us both determine whether we'd make good partners in helping you create your profitable ranch.